Monday, May 21, 2001

You all thought I went crazy, Didn't you? Well, YOU'RE WRONG!! :-) Don't worry, none of that was serious. Well, not really anyway. ^___^

Wednesday, May 16, 2001

*Current mood= tired and annoyed*
Welp, today has's seemed just so long, as if it wouldn't end!! ;_; And my dad keep's bs'ing me about his stupid decisions! My mom is just having a really tough time with my dummy brothers who will not grow up and face the world, my sister who is having a nervous breakdown over her boyfriend, and one of our tenants houses is being all nice and perdied up. If I were her, I'd probably be all nasty and junk all the time too! ;_;
Anyway, FINALS are in two weeks!! ;_; Sure I have a 97. average, but finals are ALWAYS hard with me! ;_; And I have test after test, after test!!!!! ;_; I just wish I could get away from my family just for a little while...just leave my mom and dad alone so they can patch things up with the marriage counsler. And my brothers would get decent jobs, and my sister would beat the heck out of her EX-boyfriend and finally realise what an @$$ he is!!! ;_; I just need a vacation from...well...EVERYTHING but a pen, pencil, paper, and my best friends, and I am HAPPY!!! ;_; Just a little while please... ;_;

Tuesday, May 15, 2001

*Current mood= Annoyed*
Well, my life has probably just taken a sharp turn...but... hey you do not want to hear of my dad's stupid suspisions that my mom is cheating on him, right? Right!! And that's all it is is's not factual.
Anyway, I AM NOT going to bore you and myself with that *tries not to curse* story.
Anyway...I need to tell this story...My friend Amy, and my other friend Dan, have been going out for a while, and ya know the whole thing. She likes him and vice versa. Well today, this ditz named Cory ( a girl) Had been hitting on Dan!! O_O...did not make Amy that happy. Well, Amy was holding Jon's (yep yet another friend) lacross stick, and she walked up behind the girl and weilded it back as to hit her. But then our principal was there and said "Hi, what'chya doing?" "Nothing.." Amy smiled. "Carry on SWEETIE" GAK! Being called Sweetie by the principle! Nasty!! :P

Monday, May 14, 2001

Well, well, well, Becka's going to smak me for finally gettin' this up. YES BECKA!!! I HAVE MY JOURNAL NOW!! ^__^ Sorry. Well, today was today. It's 8:36 right now, and I am totally bored. Homework not finished, rats climbing on my head, what could be better!! :D LOL! Anyway, On saturday me and Becka are finally having an Artists Convention at MY house..FINALLY! 9_9 *shhhh's Becka* Anyways... ._. So very bored...Ack, I won't bother you with my boredom anymore...Well, I actually should tell you this:
I AM GETTING ANOTHER DOG! :D Yes, I already have 2 dogs (two "very rare" white boxers!) And my dad has had this pitbull gaurd dog for God know's how long, and well, the sweetheart died about a week ago. And well, ever since my dad first got attacked by little jerks...he never trusted anyone and moved his care shop to a secluded place. And he needs another guard dog, for well, you know, to protect his shop. So in a few months we should get a German Shephard puppy. LOVES!!!